Picture of the week #3


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This week I did not take very many pictures because I only had about 20 minutes to photograph. I spent some time while my two little ones were sleeping to photograph some in the front yard. The session was, of course, interrupted when my oldest son woke up.

I found some decent subjects in the front yard - this stink bug, an aphid, and some kind of small grasshopper and took a few shots. The rest of them (there are only 9) are on my web site (click the picture).

This is the second time I have had the chance to photograph a stink bug. The first time one wandered into our house while I was talking on the phone. I covered it with a cup so it wouldn't go anywhere and returned to get some shots - then took it outside. This one I found in its own outside on one of our Japanese maples. It stayed in the same spot the whole weekend so I'm not sure what is was doing. When I came near, it would move slightly so I know it was alive.

I kept about five shots of this stink bug and I think I like this one the best.

From examining the best photographs I have ever seen, I have noticed that the true pros, including many of the National Geographic photographers, limit the colors in their most striking shots to about three. Although this isn't nearly as amazing a shot as their (fairly average by my book) I did successfully limit this to black, green, and red. When I took this shot my primary interest was the play of red and green. Perhaps some time in Photoshop may improve this shot but I'm not sure how to go about it as I'm still learning Photoshop.

I do like the diagonal created by the antenna of the stink bug. There is another diagonal that makes a "T" shape with the antenna in the Japanese maple - though I'm not as sure I like that one. In this shot the antenna are roughly parallel - in most of my other shots they are not.

In this case the Japanese maple creates a shadow on the back of the stink bug. I am undecided whether I like it and would appreciate more feedback. In my other shots I removed the shadow by getting in closer but I'm not sure I like the closer shots as much as this one.

Anyways, if anyone has time I would appreciate some feedback on this shot.