Some funny conversations with my three and four year old

I thought for a good spirited Monday post I would post some of the funnier conversations we have had with our three (Nathan) and four (Eitan) year olds.

Nelya: And when we go to Israel, we’re going to see the Dead Sea!

Eitan: Are there fish in it?

Nelya: No, that’s why they call it the ‘Dead Sea’

Eitan: Do they swim around?

Nelya: No, they don’t swim around because they’re dead

Eitan: Oh, what do we do there?

Nelya: We’ll swim there!

Eitan: Will I die?

Nelya: No, no… You’ll float, because there’s a lot of salt in the water!

Eitan: Can we eat it?

Grandma: What would you like for your birthday, Eitan?

Eitan: I want a computer!

Grandma: A computer?

Eitan: Yes, a computer, just like papa’s

Grandma: Why do you want a computer?

Eitan: So I can check my e-mail

Incidentally, I have found through playing both Wii Sports and the actual sports with my kids that the rules I thought applied to sports do not apply. For instance, the following are true according to Eitan.

1) In baseball, one only needs to make contact with the ball. It does not matter where the ball goes. However, if the ball happens to roll past the pitcher then it is considered a ‘Home Run’ and you score.

2) Tennis is called ‘jup-jup’

3) Golf is called ‘goaling’. This is not to be confused with bowling, which in Eitanese is ‘the game where you go like this (make bowling motion with your body and hand)’.

4) In golf, the object is to get the ball in the water. The second best thing is to get it in the sand. You are penalized for getting the ball in the hole.

For those wishing to fly anywhere, keep in mind that according to Eitan and Nathan, every plane flies either to New York, Thailand, or Israel. So, if you want to go anywhere else right now, you’re out of luck. However, I have heard that next year they will start flying to Italy.