The "new" blog

In truth, this is now a new blog.  I'm not sure what we will be covering in the next several months, short of the already stated UCMA 2.0 APIs.  However, there are some sharp differences between this blog and my old one.

First, it already has a new look and feel.  I would love to personalize the site a bit more, such as what I have done on my photo blog, but this system is quite a bit more limiting.

As with the recent past, I will not discuss photography or real estate on this blog.  Photography is avidly discussed in my other blog -  For real estate, my wife has taken that blog over and syndicates it in several places - such as

The biggest change is that this is no longer a Speech Server blog.  I may discuss some aspects of the Speech APIs from time to time, but only in the context of how they contribute to the OCS APIs.  The simple fact is I no longer work in this group.  I work in the OCS Server Core group and I am therefore most knowledgeable about what is going on in that area.

My goal is for this blog to be a consistent source of information on Office Communications Server.  In particular, I hope to cover many of the parts of the product new in R2 on this blog.