Travelling with small children - part I

It often annoys me when people consider the birth of a child as the end of their life.  Too often I hear 'I want to get a chance to travel before having children' or I see people with children become complete recluses.  My wife and I currently have two children - ages two and one.  Before we had children we travelled together to Hawaii and Paris.  Since we have had children we have travelled with them to Italy and Singapore.  Next year we plan to take them to Israel and the year after that we are contemplating Iceland (during the summer).  If anything we travel more now that we have kids.

While I must admit they have driven us crazy at times (like when my then 11 month old chose to have a fit in the Pantheon), overall our vacations have been much more enjoyable than they would have had we left them home.  In addition, I feel that the trips were education in a way, even though our kids were very little at the time.  For instance, my two year old learned the names of at least 20 animals while we were in Singapore.  Also, these vacations allowed our children to be much closer to us than they normally get a chance for back here, where my wife and I both work during the week.

When I mention travelling with little ones, most people give me a blank stare - how do you manage it?  Isn't the plane ride difficult?  Where can I go?  Over the next several pieces I will discuss my wife and I's experiences which I hope will inspire you to take your little ones and see the world.