Micorosoft SQL Server JDBC 3.0 Released!!!

Dear SQL Server developers and users:

On behalf of Microsoft SQL Server JDBC team I am very excited to announce our latest JDBC driver Microsoft SQL Server JDBC 3.0 release.

This version of the JDBC driver provides support for features introduced in SQL Server 2008, which includes date and time data types, sparse columns, MERGE statements and large user-defined types (UDTs). The support for the new date and time data types includes new setter, getter, and updater methods for SQL Server time, date, datetime2 and datetimeoffset data types. Support for large UDTs includes handling CLR UDTs that are larger than 8000 bytes as binary data. Also, this release adds interfaces for unwrap and isWrapper in the Wrapper interface. In addition, this release enhances metadata support by adding sparse column metadata and new date and time metadata.

Thank you for providing great feedback on our CTP. We really appreciate your continued support on our driver. Feel free to download a copy and check it out!

Thank you,

Amina Saify - JDBC