Stream Silverlight apps in your blog created with Live Writer...

Here is a cool plug-in for Live Writer from James Clarke (

Notice I can now just select "Silverlight Streaming Application" from the Insert menu option.


If you have a Live ID (or wish to create one), you can get up to 10gb of FREE space to host your Silverlight videos/apps at  When you create an account here you will receive an Account ID and Account Key (required for the following step), be able to upload your Silverlight video/apps, so you can reference insert them as follows:


If you have entered your Account ID and Account Key, then select the Refresh button.

Pick your Silverlight application and click Ok.


Now just image your blog, that is all there is to it!  :-)

Oh, BTW... if you are looking for a super cool tool to record your screencasts, check out Community Clips at