Windows 10 VDI Optimization Script

Hello party people!

Dude here. Carl Luberti has worked some scriptastic magic on WIndows 10 to make it a friendly (er) VM guest for VDI. Edit - non-persistent pooled VMs may have issues. Undocumented/untested/etc.

Twitter post is here  and includes a nice picture I took at Gibbs Gardens in North Georgia.

If you prefer to go straight to the meat and potatoes, the script is now hosted in GitHub:

Carl's VDI Repo

And what has the dude been listening to lately? What have I been up to, one might ask?

I fell in February actually and fractured my skull. I am recovering from a head concussion still and therefore don't have a lot of interesting things to report, other than, well, mistakes I make at work because I can't remember things?

Yay me?

Oh hey I did a VDI webinar with eGinnovations, you can see it here.

And check this out as well (not me but neat). Unidesk has some real magic to show you on VDI.

And what have I been listening to?

Right now, out of character for me, is Boz Scaggs and Duane Allman, singing Loan Me a Dime.