Infographic: Evolution of the IT Pro!

Have you ever used a floppy disk? How about a Macintosh Plus or Mac II? When I first started at Microsoft in 1987 the Macintosh Plus was one of the first computers I used! When Windows 3.0 came out I started using an 80386 PC and my IT Pro life began! Fast forward 20 years or so and things have changed dramatically but the IT Pro is as important as ever. Even in this age of cloud computing it’s the IT pro that manages and maintains the infrastructure we all take for granted. Is it going to change in the future? Of course! Has it changed in the past? A whole bunch! 

To get a good picture of that change check out the infographic below which documents the change in IT all the way back to 1976 which is when the first floppy disk was first introduced by IBM even though they invented quite some time before. There are some pretty interesting statistics and some crazy ones. I can’t believe a 5MB hard drive cost $1500 in 1980! I just bought a 512GB SSD the other day for about $500!

Enjoy this and my how things have changed!



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