Meet the New Nokia Lumia Phones!

Today I got distracted by shiny new things! It happens a lot around here and especially at the moment with what’s going on with all the new announcements. Today in New York Nokia announced 2 new phones to the Lumia line and the first of their Windows Phone 8 devices. Both the Nokia Lumia 820 and Lumia 920 were announced today and they look gorgeous! Check out some photos below and some videos from Nokia.

Nokia Lumia 820

8201 8202 8203


Nokia Lumia 920

0458_Nokia-Lumia-920---Color-Range1_thumb_0AFDEBBE 9201 9202




Plus check out some videos from Nokia and a hands on from Ben the PC guy! 



And for those of you that like all the specs then make sure you check out this link on the Windows Phone site. Now I just hope they come to Australia soon!


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