My first post of 2009

Hi everyone,

Yes it has been awhile!  I’ve been away for 5 weeks on annual leave over the Christmas/New year break.  Yes I know it’s a long time to be on holidays but when you’ve been a the same company as I have you tend to build up annual leave.  So it was time to take some of them.  So what did I do?  Well I stayed out of trouble and stayed safe.  I just read about Frank’s adventure with a snowmobile! Sorry to hear that Mr. Frank!  I’m glad you are better now.  Anyway we spent Christmas at home and mainly caught up with friends and took a lot of photos.  Last we we spent a week down at a beach house on the NSW South Coast.  A beautiful part of the world if you ever get a chance to visit you should!  We spent the week going to the beach with the kids and soaking in the ocean which was fun.

I wasn’t completely away from technology as I had my laptop with with the Windows 7 beta freshly installed and the new Windows Live Essentials beta.  As on any holiday photos are a big part of it and this one was no exception.  I used the new Windows Live Photo Gallery beta to enhance photos and even do a quick panoramic shot of the beach where we spent most of our time.  Check it out below!

IMG_3675 Stitch

I took 4 photos from the one location, selected those after importing them from my camera, then chose Make Panoramic photo and in a few minutes I had a great shot of the beach!

So this week I’m catching up on email and my Windows 7 testing.  I will be posting regularly about that and the newly released beta of Windows Server 2008 R2.  Good times are ahead.

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