Why don't I have the command/menu in Visual Studio 2005/2008?

VS 2005/2008 have a dialog that shows up on first launch (the first launch dialog if you will) that asks you to choose a collection of settings (which we refer to as a profile) that describe the way you typically use the IDE. Depending on which profile you choose, you will get a different profile applied. The most visible signs are the different menu items (which are commands), window configuration, and keybindings.

If there are commands that you would like to add to a menu, but you are happy with the general configuration of the IDE, you can use Tools | Customize and simply drag the missing options onto the menu of your choice.

If you would like to reconfigure major portions of the IDE, you can use Tools | Import and Export Settings | Reset Settings to reset to an entirely new profile. You have the option of saving your current settings in the wizard before the reset occurs, so it's relatively safe to reset and figure out which profile suits you best. Keep in mind that you can also change your keybindings after reset (Tools | Options | Environment | Keyboard), so if you want the VC keybindings but the general window configuration you can reset to the general profile, and then set the keybinding option after the wizard runs.

The other option you have is to selectively import parts of a profile by running the wizard and instead of choosing Reset, choosing Import. Working your way through the wizard will eventually show you a treeview control that you can use to select hierarchies of settings to import.