Answering questions with the cube

I know I just posted about this, but as I was reading my mail, I ran across a conversation between an internal customer and Jimmy.  I found the questions and the fact that we can answer most of them with cube to be of interest.  Hope you agree:

1) List of developers and hours charged to projects per month.  Hours will be collected in WI.

This is very similar to Demo 3 in my blog.

2) List of developers and some measure of output – lines of code? Function point?

Take a look at demo 6 & 7.  You can replace Changeset or Build with [Date] to measure code churn over time.

3) List of developers and number of defects created with code they wrote

I don’t think you can do this out of the box.  In V1 you can associate changesets to work items, but there’s no distinction between “Caused By” and “Fix By”

4) List of developers and number of defects they marked as resolved and the defect was not resolved

Take a look at demo 4 & 5.  You can query the cube for resolved (state = resolved) rate and reactivation (previous state = closed or resolved, state = active) rate, their difference would give you what you want.  Unfortunately this is only a rough estimate since you can assign the bug to someone who didn’t resolve the bug when you reactivate.  To get the exact count would require complex MDX.  Let me know if you need help with this.