Load Test Report Generator now available on Codeplex

The Team System Rangers have shipped again! 

Last Friday, we published our Ranger Load Test Report Generator to Codeplex. We decided to post this to the existing Load Test Reports Codplex site for customer convenience.

The Load Test Report Generator contains a utility and a set of SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) reports that allow users to generate Summary reports, counter comparison reports within and across test runs. The reports are simple but very flexible and can be used to generate & visualize various scenarios that  a test team would like to create as a summary report for a set of load test runs.

The tool allows users to author and generate reports in HTML/MHT and Doc formats. It applies a task based approach for creating reports and is based on the feedback received from consultants in professional test labs.

Reports can also  be generated using the concept of a template that makes it very easy to reuse predefined reports as templates for new ones. It is very simple to use custom build reports with the tool. All you need to do is publish your custom report in SSRS.

Congratulations to the Team System Rangers for their continued work in accelerating the adoption of Team System by filling the gaps in our current offering.