Over 500 Million served

I'm old enough to remember when McDonald's would display the number (in millions and billions) of hamburgers sold on their signs.  Since they now serve 54 million customers a day, the signs now just say "billions and billions".  As a kid it was fun to drive by and notice when the number had changed. 

I'm having the same experience with TFS dogfooding stats (and so it seems is Buck).  It seems like every time I read one of Brian's dogfood stat updates, we've passed another milestone.  This time around, the notable ones for me were:

  • 200,000 work items
  • 75,000,000 files under source control
  • 500,000,000 local file copies

yes, that's 1/2 of a billion rows...that's a lot of data.

Next thing I know, Brian will be saying "billions and billions" just like McDonalds. I just hope he doesn't start singing "i'm lovin' it". :-)