Performance Testing Guidance Project

As I learn more about our customers through our various community activities, I'm realizing how important in depth guidance is to increasing the success of our customers and their overall satisfaction with our product.  We're working hard to beef up these areas through a variety of means and I'm happy to see and share the progress of one of those efforts, specifically that of the Performance Testing Guidance Project.   It's definitely still a work in progress but the momentum is good and potential great.  In the team's words, here's a quick overview:

The purpose of the Performance Testing Guidance project is to build some insightful and practical guidance around doing performance testing and doing performance testing with VS 2005. It's a collaborative effort between industry experts, ACE, patterns & practices, Premier, and VSTS team members.

These sorts of collaborative efforts between various factions of our team and community are exciting to see as we begin to build up the book of knowledge required to bring Team System to the masses. 

Cool stuff!