Seattle Team System User Group meeting this week

Steven Borg, one of our local Team System MVPs, is scheduled to talk at the next meeting of the Seattle Team System User Group.  He’ll be discussing reporting within Team System…the abstract seems pretty interesting:

You’ve paid your nickel and it’s time to ask the Zoltar Fortune Teller for your future: “Is my software development project going down the toilet? Will I be able to ship on time, with high quality? Can I hit my budget?” (Wait, three questions = three nickels.) And he says… Nothing.

Let’s face it. Traditional status reporting is about as accurate as Zoltar, and worse, it takes a whole lot longer!!! Team System can help! Its’ built in reporting capabilities provide a strong foundation for understanding the current status of your project. Not only does it provide a series of built in reports, it gathers the metrics to allow for excellent ad-hoc reports! Using these both the built in and ad hoc report capabilities, finding the current status of your project, and predicting your project’s probability of success or failure along several axis. Come learn how to predict your future! You’ll learn how to interpret the build in reports, learn what’s required to create the reports, and how to use Excel pivot tables to connect to the TFS cube for ad hoc reporting.

Anyway, if you’re in the area and can make the meeting, I’d certainly recommend it.  If nothing else, watching Steven present is always a joy…he’s got boundless energy and enthusiasm when it comes to Team System.

The meeting is on Wednesday, June 25th at 6pm PDT in their new location of Lincoln Square, Bellevue.  Learn more here.