Team Architect's plans for Power Tools

Over the past year, we've been trying to release components to you out of band from our major release cycles in order to deliver move value to you earlier and to get your feedback before we integrate these features into the mainstream release.  This comes in many forms including the TFS Power Tools, projects on CodePlex and updated versions of MSF.  We have others in the hopper that we're working on, the most recently announced is coming from the Team Architect team.  In their recent post they write:

Over the course of VS2005 and now “Orcas”, we’ve received a good amount of feedback on the Distributed System Designers. A lot of the feedback revolved around:

  • Support visualization & synchronization of class libraries on the Application Designer (AD).
  • Generalizing the above point – support visualization/synchronization for <Insert custom type here>
  • Release features “out-of-band”

In an effort to address some of these requests, and deliver incremental value to you, we’ve been planning and working on a Team Architect Power Tools release for “Orcas”.

Take a look at what they're proposing and provide some feedback to help them best meet your needs.