Team Foundation Server ships!

I’m happy to announce that this morning at 9am, the Team Foundation team signed off on and shipped Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server! This remarkable achievement has been a long time coming and represents significant effort from literally hundreds of individuals inside and outside of Microsoft. To everyone that helped us get this remarkable product out the door, THANK YOU!

After dogfooding TFS for over 18 months, completing over 37,000 check-ins and entering over 78,000 work items, we have certainly tested the server in a solid, real world, way and it has withstood the test of time. We now have over 660 people on 3 continents using our main server on a regular basis. For those of you that endured the highs and lows of dogfooding, we send a special thank you. There is no way we could have shipped a high quality, production ready server without your help and continual feedback.

We have also had significant usage of Team Foundation for nearly a year outside of Microsoft by large companies such as the Bank of Montreal and Allstate. Each of our active TAP sites has signed off on our release with comments such as "very significant product [with] phenomenal potential", "just awesome, enough said!" and "given the scope, I think the product is great!" And these aren’t just on small pilot projects…one of our sites has 125 people actively using TFS on a high priority project.

Later today the Trial and Workgroup editions of Team Foundation will be available for download from MSDN. As customers wait for the retail and volume licensing channels to fill with Team Foundation, they can begin using these limited editions and upgrade when the Standard edition is generally available.

Congratulations to the Team Foundation team for a job well done. Now, they’re on to their MQ to make things even better!



PS - my friend and colleague John Lawrence posted a picture of us on his blog: