TFS December CTP now available

Continuing the long standing tradition, we have just upgraded our team’s dogfood server and subsequently released that same build externally as the December CTP. It’s available to MSDN subscribers via the MSDN download center.

Unlike the Beta3 refresh, this is *not a go-live release* which means that we will no be providing data migration to or from this release. So, it’s a good build to install if you’re interested in kicking the tires, checking out the updated implementation of MSF for CMMI, trying out the improved installation experience or taking the new support for friendly names for a spin. It is not a good build to use if you want to use TFS in production…stick with Beta3 refresh for that.

As readers of my blog know, we’re deep into our endgame and have been in ask mode for a while now. Our next step is to release a “release candidate” currently planned for January. Once again preceding that release, we’ll refresh our dogfood server to make sure that everything is working as we would expect it to and then distribute it broadly to make sure there aren’t any remaining show stoppers before we ship the final version. So that we can get the most feedback possible, we will provide go-live support (including data migration support from Beta3) for the release candidate and will strongly encourage everyone to upgrade to that build.