Two positions open on my team

In addition to my day job of managing the next release of Team System, I have responsibility for both the Team System Rangers and most recently our DevCenter on MSDN.  Turns out that I’m currently hiring in both of these areas. 

First, I’m looking for a replacement for Graham who went off (with my blessing) to become a Program Manager on the TeamDev team. The Rangers are focused on “accelerating the adoption” of Team System and as such work closely with the product team, the MS field and our customers to help fill the gaps in our current offering.  We’ve completed dozens of projects, some of which are now available on the web including the Load Test Report Generator, the Project Server / TFS Connector, TFS-to-TFS migration tool and much more.  If you know someone who would excel at a roll like this, have them look here for more details.

Secondly, I’m looking for someone to manage the content on our MSDN DevCenters and turn them into great places for our customers to visit regularly in order get the information they need about the various Team System products.  To date, we’ve managed the website in a very ad hoc sort of way and it really shows.  This is a chance for someone to really make a difference and help us improve overall customer satisfaction with our products. Here is more information about this opening.

Thanks for your help!