Welcome Willy, our newest Team System Ranger

I’m pleased to welcome Willy-Peter Schaub to the Team System team as our newest Ranger.  Willy is a former Microsoft MVP from South Africa (his old blog can be found here: http://dotnet.org.za/willy/) and has recently joined us to help further the Ranger mission of accelerating the adoption of Team System.  He’s started a new blog (http://blogs.msdn.com/willy-peter_schaub/) and has already written 16 posts in his brief stint here so far.  At this rate he’ll quickly surpass me on quantity and may have already done so on value.  As such, I’d highly recommend checking out his new feed.  He’s already doing a good job of explaining what the Rangers do (nice hat!), explaining the point behind the software development lifecycle, and pointing folks to nuggets of Ranger goodness.  All in under two weeks! 

Welcome Willy!