Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Talks from Leaders Paris 2017

I was very honored to deliver two talks at Leaders Paris 2017: a main stage talk "Innovations in AI and Machine Learning" and a workshop "AI Now!"  The talks were posted to YouTube and are available now.

In the "Innovations in AI and Machine Learning" talk, I discussed some of Microsoft’s recent innovations in artificial intelligence and machine learning, including my lie detection work using EEG and machine learning, Microsoft’s work in speech detection that has surpassed human transcribers, how Xbox used the Cognitive Services Text Analytics to monitor their users’ sentiment and save Christmas, using object detection to help conservationists save giraffes, how a machine learning algorithm’s prediction of when to plant peanuts improved the peanut yield by 30%, how bots can save time and money in a support/call center scenario, and how machine learning models can describe the world to the blind.


I also presented a workshop "AI Now!", in which Walter De Brouwer talks about some innovations in the field, and I give some resources to get started with machine learning: the Bot Framework, training options, pre-trained models like the Microsoft Cognitive Services, tools and technology to build models with your own data, and competition sites which give you cool problems to solve and the data to solve them with, as a way to practice and hone your machine learning skills.


In addition, I was interviewed for Today Software Magazine during the event.  Here is the video and article transcription.