Cameron Skinner Tour: Modeling and architecture tools in Visual Studio 2010

Cameron_Skinner_2009_02OK, people.  This is the last product team tour that I have planned for a while, so take advantage of it.  I’m extremely excited about this opportunity to host Cameron! 

Cameron Skinner is a Product Unit Manager on the Visual Studio team, with his focus being on the architecture tools in Visual Studio.  He is partner-level at Microsoft and also delivered part of the keynote during this year’s Professional Developers Conference.  He is touring through Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, and Tennessee during the week of April 26.  This is a fabulous opportunity for you to be able to speak directly with someone who created Visual Studio (and in fact runs the Architecture portion of Visual Studio). 

He will be speaking at private engagements with corporations during the day, but will also be delivering sessions at public user groups in the evenings!  This is a great opportunity to ask those burning questions about Visual Studio directly to someone who built the product.  Your feedback, criticisms, and questions all make Visual Studio a better product.  Plus, it’s always nice to build a relationship with someone high up in Visual Studio.  :)

ProfessionalApplicationLifecycleManagementWithVS2010In addition, there will be free food served and plenty of giveaways, including backpacks, shirts, posters, and a book that is highly relevant to the topic that Cameron will be speaking about: Professional Application Lifecycle Management with Visual Studio 2010.  (Thanks to Wrox for sponsoring the books!)

Here is an abstract and bio for his talk:

Have you ever had to work with a legacy codebase?  Designing new functionality on existing applications can be daunting.  There are always differences between the original design and the current implementation.  The new Architecture tools within Visual Studio 2010 help you to understand the application you have, design new functionality you need, and validate that your design and your implementation do not deviate.  Join us for a look at the new code visualization, UML, and architectural validation tools which allow you to model domain-specific problem domains and maintain proper control and visibility of your software systems. 

Cameron Skinner joined Microsoft in 2005 and is currently a product unit manager on the Visual Studio team. He is responsible for overseeing the Visualization and Architecture capabilities found in Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate. Prior to Microsoft, Mr. Skinner was the CTO and chief architect of application development tools for Embarcadero Technologies. Earlier in his career, he served as CTO for Advanced Software Technologies. In his limited spare time, Mr. Skinner enjoys spending time with his wife and three children, Crossfit, and playing his acoustic bass.

Date/Time Location Registration
Mon 4/26 6:30pm Microsoft Southfield office, 19th floor MPR room, 1000 Town Center Dr., Suite 1930, Southfield, MI 48075
Tues 4/27 6:30pm Sogeti office, Beacon Place Office Building, 6055 Rockside Woods Blvd, Lower Level, Independence, OH 44131 Send email to with RSVP in the subject line.
Wed 4/28 6:00pm Microsoft Columbus office MPR room, 8800 Lyra Dr., Suite 400, Columbus, OH 43240
Thurs 4/29 Louisville, KY No public event
Fri 4/30 6:00pm 6465 North Quail Hollow, Suite 200, Memphis, TN 38120

Hope to see you there!