Do you want the Contoso Cookbook (and other Windows Dev Camp content)?

I promised that I would blog when the official Windows 8 Developer Camp content was available online, and now it is!  You can get the slide decks, samples, resources, and wonderful hands-on labs from the Windows Developer Camps at:

(NOTE: there are two separate downloads available at this link. Both downloads include the same slide decks and resources; the only difference is the hands-on-labs. Download Win8CS.Setup.exe if you want to work through the hands-on labs in C# and XAML, and download Win8JS.Setup.exe to get the hands-on labs in HTML5 and JavaScript.)  

In particular, I recommend these excellent hands-on labs that teach the fundamentals of Windows 8 Metro development, available in both XAML/C# or HTML/JavaScript.  (There is also a finished version of the app in C++ available, but not the hands-on lab documents to walk you through it.)  The labs include:

  1. ListViews/GridViews and Data Binding
  2. Orientation, Snapping, and Semantic Zoom
  3. Searching and Sharing
  4. Appbars and Media Capture
  5. Lifetime Management
  6. Settings and Preferences
  7. Tiles and Notifications
  8. Windows Store