For the WIN (hee hee): Windows Development Boot Camp!

I’m really excited to be presenting at a series of Windows Development Boot Camps – there are 15 cities currently scheduled, and I’m open to delivering additional ones. 

windows-7-logoThe Short Version: Windows Development Boot Camp is a one-day deep dive class on client development.  The event covers developing for Windows 7, Internet Explorer 9, and Silverlight 4 out of browser.  The class includes a trainer with deep real world experience presenting content, as well as a series of labs so you can write some code and practice what you just learned.  Register at

The Longer Version: Web and cloud may be all the rage, but many developers are still doing hardcore client development. In this full-day event, we will explore how to maximize your impact on the Windows client.

What makes this event so awesome?  

1.  Great Content.   Our interactive sessions will include topics from throughout the Windows development platform.  We will look at application compatibility and transitioning your applications to Windows 7, integrating with the Windows taskbar, pinned sites in IE9, utilizing the cool functionality in the Sensors and Location Platform so that your application better responds to its current environment, leveraging multi-touch capabilities, and creating Silverlight 4 out of browser applications.

2.  Hands-On Coding Time, with experts walking around to help you.   This event is a unique opportunity, partnering classroom learning with hands-on-labs and leveraging experts to advise you so we can help you “win” with Windows 7.  (For the labs, please bring a laptop with this software installed.)

3.  Reuse it!   The Boot Camp is more than just a class; it is also an event in a box. If you don't see a class near you, then throw your own. We provide all of the materials and training you need to host your own class. This is a great opportunity for partners and trainers…attend a Windows Development Boot Camp near you, and then re-deliver the content!   Please contact us at so we can give you all of the details.

Calls to action:

  1. Go to and register for the Boot Camp nearest you!
  2. Follow Windows Development Boot Camp on Twitter at @windevbootcamp
  3. If you are interested in holding your own Boot Camp, contact us at

WINdows development FTW!