Friday Fun: Featured Women in Technology

The shortage of women in technology is lamented throughout the industry.  The fact that I started blogging very recently and was still able to get the URL "" when "Jennifer" was the most popular name of female babies from 1970-1984 straight in the United States [reference] is evidence itself.  :) 

It's believed that one of the biggest reasons that women don't continue down a technology path is due to the lack of other women (very Catch-22).  I don't know if that's true, but I do know that having a support group of peers, role models, and mentors makes a tremendous difference.  It's encouraging to know that other women have been down this path and been successful. 

Therefore, I want to showcase some of these successful women in technology by interviewing them and sharing their stories in a weekly post, tagged under "Featured Women in Tech".  I'll strive to post these every Friday, but I do travel frequently so it may be posted on different days occasionally. 

Are you a woman in technology who wants to share her story?  Email me at