I’m back, baby (get it? baby?) and Windows 8 resources

FionaFutureMicrosoftDeveloper2I wanted to update my poor neglected blog and let everyone know that I am officially back from maternity leave.  Here’s a picture of my little baby girl rocking her Microsoft “future developer” shirt. 


My current focus will be on developing for Windows 8.  Remember that this is a two-pronged story, where you can use XAML or HTML5.  In my local geography, Jeff Blankenburg will continue to focus on Windows Phone, and Brian Prince will continue to focus on Windows Azure. 


So, how do you get started with Windows 8?  I have a blog post series coming, but for now, check out the following resources:

Windows 8 Developer Center – this is the master portal which contains useful links to everything

Download the Windows 8 Developer Preview bits – there is an option to download the Windows bits along with the developer tools

Watch sessions from the BUILD conference – this is the conference where Windows 8 was first revealed to a developer audience

Try the Hands-On Labs from the BUILD conference – easy way to get started learning how to develop for Windows 8

Windows 8 Samples – sample code to get you started

Windows 8 Forums – the place to ask your questions

Learn about how to sell your apps – this article describes some of the basics of the Windows Store, so you can make crazy money selling your applications to the enormous number of Windows users


Finally, here are a list of other (non-Windows 8) downloads that you may find useful:

Windows Azure SDK Download

Free Windows Azure Platform 90-Day Trial Download

Windows Phone SDK Download

WebMatrix Download