I’m pregnant (with a non-royal baby)

I really couldn't think of a better picture, and everyone is talking about nothing but, so "Royal Birth" it is.In the wake of the royal baby fever, my husband and I would like to announce that we are expecting (non-royal*) baby #3 in December.  We will not be issuing commemorative coins

As I’ve said in the past, Microsoft is an amazing company to work for, and one of its great perks is 20 weeks of maternity leave (some of which is unpaid).  So I will be out from mid-December 2013 through mid-May 2014.  During this time, I will not be speaking, blogging, or tweeting.  This means that I will miss some great conferences (like CodeMash), but since this is the only time when my kids get me fulltime, I spend it all with them and don’t do any speaking engagements at conferences. 

While I’m out, you can work with my fabulous teammates:

* According to my relatives who study genealogy, my line of our family tree is directly descended from one of the King Wilhelms of Orange (I don’t remember which). Although he was my great-great-great-*-grandfather, my great-great-great-*-grandmother wasn’t the queen…it was one of her ladies-in-waiting. She fled and that branch of the family tree eventually ended up in America. So technically, this baby may have a teeny-weeny bit of royal blood, but not enough that he/she will ever get a throne, and he/she will definitely have to work for a living. So, no commemorative coins. Though a proclamation on a golden easel in our front yard after the baby is born would be pretty funny.