Marsman V3.0 has shipped (and I’m now on maternity leave)

GabrielFollowing my earlier product announcement, I’m excited to announce that after a long nine-month development period, Marsman V3.0 has been released.  Features include 10 fingers and 10 toes, a cute little nose, and a malfunctioning sleep mode.  He inputs milk and outputs plentifully. 

Here are the specs:

  <name>Gabriel Francis Marsman</name>
  <weight lbs="9" oz="5" />
  <length in="20" />

I’m now on maternity leave until late May 2014 to figure out this new product, which did NOT come with much documentation.  While I’m out, you can contact my coworkers if you need assistance:

⦁    Local engagements for Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, or Tennessee: David Giard

⦁    Windows 8 questions: David Washington

⦁    Windows Phone questions: Paul DeCarlo

⦁    Windows Azure questions: Adam Grocholski

⦁    Construct 2 technical questions: or

⦁    Construct 2 licenses: Martin Schray

⦁    IT Pro questions: Keith Mayer

⦁    For anything else, contact my manager: Scott Fuller

For those who have been following this blog for a long time, at least I was creative last time …too tired to think up something new. :)