Microsoft DevRadio: Reasons Why You Should Develop a Windows 8 App

dbb2d31d-9398-4168-999c-f4c4fe50a47dI was recently interviewed by G. Andrew Duthie for Microsoft DevRadio.  We discussed reasons to develop a Windows 8 application.  This episode was inspired from my blog post on “Why Would You Want to Develop a Metro Application for Windows 8?”  It’s now live; enjoy! 

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About this Video:

Andrew Duthie and Jennifer Marsman join us for today’s show as they discuss their top reasons for developing applications for Windows 8. From market potential and size, optimized discovery, flexible and money making opportunities, as well as free tools and guidance--- there’s no better time than right now to develop your Windows 8 app.

Show Notes

Next Steps:
Step #1 – Download the Tools for Windows 8 App Development
Step #2 – Download Visual Studio 2012 Express for Windows 8
Step #3 – Start building your own Apps for Windows 8

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