My Favorite Feature in Windows 7

It's the little things that matter most.  My favorite new feature in Windows 7 is this dialog right here:


Oh yes!  A default printer can be associated with a network.  That means that you can have a default printer at work and a default printer at home.  When I'm at home and my laptop is connected to my home network, documents will automatically be printed to my home printer, and when I'm at work, connected to my work network, the default printer will automatically be my favorite printer in Microsoft's office in Southfield (the color printer on the 20th floor in the copy room in the corner that no one else uses so there isn't usually a queue).  My laptop can seamlessly make the transition from work to home and know the correct printer to use in each location. 

Such a simple little thing!  Windows 7 is full of tiny little tidbits like this that make your life easier.  It's the PDC when they were demoing Windows 7, all of the innovation with touch computing is what got the press, but the audience was breaking into spontaneous applause over little things like this.  Check out the PDC keynote that introduces Windows 7 to see what I mean. 

Want to try it out for yourself?  You can download the Windows 7 Beta at