Popfly Olympic Games

GoldMedalWhoo hoo!  I participated in the Olympic Games and won a gold medal in Synchronized Swimming! 

OK, so it wasn't the actual Olympics.  I was visiting the Microsoft Popfly website.  The team has released a series of 10 Olympic-themed games built using Popfly that you can play or embed into your own website. 

In case you're not familiar with it, Microsoft Popfly is a fun, easy way to build and share mashups, gadgets, games, web pages, and applications.  It's free to use, and any user can store up to 100MB of content.  It uses Microsoft Silverlight under the covers.  You can create your own games for the web simply, without writing a line of code!  For more information, check out the Overview and the FAQ

Let the games begin!  Choose from:



Torch Lighting: Try to light all 14 torches by clicking on them!  Watch out, they’re fast!



Soccer: GOOAAAL!!!  Pick countries to go head-to-head in this game of Foosball Soccer!



Track & Field: Ready… Set… Go!  It’s the 100-meter dash, pick your country and hurdle across the Finish Line to Victory!



Archery: Pick your targets carefully, aim, and fire your arrows in this addicting game of Archery!



Long Jump: Help Rocket Chicken score his longest Long Jump and win a Gold Medal!



Weightlifting: Test your ‘Strength’ by keeping the barbell off the floor and trying not to turn red in the face!



Boxing: Forget Tyson vs. Holyfield, this is the real Boxing match of the century: my Xbox versus your Playstation.  It’s Battle of the Game Consoles!



Gymnastics: Spin, jump and twirl through the air without ever leaving your chair!



Diving: Dive through the water and hit the target – harder than it looks!



Synchronized Swimming: Mirror your teammates movements with this synchronized swimming game!


Enjoy!  (And try to beat my score at Synchronized Swimming...I was actually awful.)