Reveal a Picture

Reveal a PictureI published my first application into the Windows Store in November 2012, but I never blogged about it.  It is a simple game called Reveal a Picture, which I made for my kids.  You can download it here

In this children’s game targeted at ages 2-6, you touch the screen or move the mouse on a colored screen to reveal a hidden picture underneath. This application will select a picture from your Pictures Library to hide, so the child will be delighted to discover a picture of herself or her family. In addition, if the child plays this game with a mouse, it teaches basic mouse manipulation skills (the hand/eye coordination necessary to move the mouse and correlate that action to the mouse pointer moving on the screen).

(NOTE: This application has the age rating of 7+ only because it accesses the Pictures directory of your machine. I don't control the content in there, so I can't prove that it is child-safe. Please be aware of this before letting your child use the application!)


  • Share the picture that you uncovered via the Share charm
  • File picker in the App Bar to select a certain picture to hide
  • Setting to change the color hiding the picture
  • Audio congratulatory feedback when you uncover a picture

Download the app:


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