Skype Translator in action

During the keynote demo of the Microsoft Global Energy Forum 2015, my colleague Roberto and I did a live Skype Translator conversation.  I recorded one of our rehearsals, and put it on YouTube at

Here’s the scenario.  The Global Energy Forum is an oil & gas conference, so the conversation that we were having is around an oil/gas pipeline failure.  I found the problem in a command center, and communicated it to Roberto as a field engineer.  Roberto was speaking Spanish, and I spoke English.  Skype Translator (which is still in preview) was able to translate our conversation in real time so we could understand each other. 

Skype Translator did a pretty impressive job, considering Roberto was speaking quickly and I had the microphone way too close to my mouth!  There is a nice speech-to-text transcript of the conversation displayed as well, in an instant message format in the native language of the viewer. 

There is more information on the Skype Translator Preview at