Stephen Toub Tour – Parallel Computing Resources

4059342469_7755ed938f Last week, Stephen Toub met with roughly 450 people on his Parallel Computing tour!  He toured through Nashville, Louisville, Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Detroit, meeting with customers during the day and speaking at user group meetings in the evenings.  

I promised that I would post some resources from Stephen’s tour. 


Stephen’s slide deck:

Download Visual Studio 2010 and .NET 4.0 Beta 2:

Download the Parallel samples: (click the Downloads tab)


Managed code parallelism: (Stephen blogs here)

Native code parallelism:

Parallelism tools:  

I’ve also posted a few blog posts on this topic: Parallel Programming

Other Online Resources

Concurrency developer center:

Parallel forums:

Finally, David Giard interviewed Stephen as part of his “Technology and Friends” webcast series.  If you missed Stephen, you can hear some of his thoughts here