Visualization and Architecture Tools in VS2010 – Cameron Skinner Tour Summary

CameronSkinner From April 26-30, Cameron Skinner toured through Detroit, Cleveland, Columbus, Louisville, and Memphis, speaking about the new visualization, modeling, and architecture tools in Visual Studio 2010.  During this tour, Cameron met with customers during the day and spoke at user groups in the evenings.  Over 5 days, we visited 5 cities, drove 1336 miles, and gave 19 talks to 557 total attendees (including 15 customer visits and 4 user groups). 

In summary, there were four main pieces that Cameron covered in his talk:

  1. Understand the code
    • Architecture Explorer
    • Sequence Diagram Generation
    • DGML Graphs and “Standard” Graphs
  2. Maintain Control
    • Layer Diagram and Custom MSBuild Tasks
    • Work Item Integration
  3. Understand the domain
    • UML 2.x Designers
    • Modeling Project and Explorer
  4. Extensibility

I’ll spend the rest of this week writing some detailed posts on this functionality, all of which can be found in Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate edition. 

Finally, I promised that I would post Cameron’s slide deck and other resources from the tour. 




Other Resources:

Visualization and Architecture Tools in VS2010.pptx