Where have you been, Jen?

I haven't blogged in awhile (other than "come to this event" posts, which don't count).  In addition to the lovely vacation I just took, there have been two major things that have been taking up my time this summer:

  1. I've been helping to organize the Ann Arbor Give Camp
  2. I've been cranking out webcasts

I'll blog more about the webcasts in subsequent posts, but I hope to do more coding (my favorite part of my job) and do a little less event-planning and video-editing for awhile.  :) 

You might also be wondering about the "Featured Women in Tech" series.  I'd welcome any feedback - did you miss it or not really?  I do have some amazing women lined up for future posts, but if there is not huge demand, I may post these less than once per week.  Thoughts?