ALM Visual Studio Database Projects Guidance is out in the wild !


After many months of hard work, collaboration, short weekends and nights, the new ALM Rangers guidance document is out covering Visual Studio Database Projects.

Details about the documents and the documents themselves can be found here:

Visual Studio Database Guideon Codeplex 

You will find a

  • General guidance
  • Specific scenarios
  • HOLs

for each topic

  • Solution and Project Management Section
  • Source Code Control and Configuration Management
  • Integrating External Changes with the Project System
  • Build and Deployment Automation with Visual Studio Database Projects
  • Database Testing and Deployment Verification

Now that we established our first build of the document, it will be really easy to plug in your suggestions and incorporate feedback. I really look forward to your suggestions and your opinion about this. Kudos go to the following topic owners who managed with me to get this document done and published:

  • Shishir Abhyanker
  • Larry Guger
  • Pablo Rincon
  • Scott Sharpe
  • LeRoy Tuttle

Additional thanks to all contributors and reviewers which are mentioned in the document themselves. You did a real good job in bringing your experience down to paper and making it easier for people applying best practices and omit common foot angles.

Last but not least, many thanks to

  • Bijan Javidi being responsible for me as a dev lead and the overall project. Thanks for your ongoing help and helpful arm twisting. At some point you will have to show me that in person Smile.
  • Kudos to Willy-Peter Schaub, despite of all difficult challenges you were always willing to help and support our project with the wisdom and experience of the ALM / Ranger family.
  • Barclay Hill as being the keeper of the Grail provided us with useful background information, reviews, content, feedback and his valuable time during sync and status calls. You gave us the inspiration and the direction we need to drive to.
  • Patricia Wagner from UE review. You were very patient with me and provided me with a lot of interesting details about the reviewing process and the quality measures needed for publishing.

Have fun with the document and feel free to drop me a mail with your feedback !