Script out jobs in SQL Server v2


For those asking a couple of times if the JobScripter for SQL Server Agent jobs is also available in 2008… here it is ! Smile

The only difference is that the version v2 is now targeting to SMO Assemblies of SQL Server 2008 which is version 10.0. This sure means that you are able to pick up the information from older servers as well. Only SQL Server 7.0 is not supported by this version of SMO. If you want to script out jobs from 7.0 you will need to use the old JobScripter version from the blog post below.

For more information about the job scripting purposes and the different options for extracting jobs from SQL Server, see my former blog post here:

Script out Jobs in SQL Server

As a small summary, here is a snippet from the blog post:

  • Use a simple SMO Application which can connect to the JobServer, query for jobs and write them down in a separate file. In addition it will create a calling .sql-Script file and a batch command which is parameterized to execute it against a new server. For geeks sake, I wrote this small Consoleapplication and attached it to this thread for your reference and further use.


The bits are downloadable from here.