Adding Skype as provider in the Add a Contact Not in My Organization list

In this post we announced the Skype-Lync connectivity. One of the screenshots in the post shows adding the Skype contact in the Lync 2013 client using Add a Contact Not in My Organization .


In the fly-out Skype is listed with the Skype logo. The Lync client get the list via in-band provisioning from the server based on the enabled public providers. To add Skype to the list issue the following commands on the Lync server in Lync 2013 Lync Server Management Shell:

Wait for CMS replication and sign out and in again in the Lync client. Skype should now be in the list.

Update 9-AUG-2013: Lync 2013 clients connecting to Lync 2010 servers will not show Skype in the add contact drop-down list. This is caused by Lync 2010 server not supporting the in-band provisioning group sending the list of public providers to the client.