Call Quality Methodology (CQM)

During the last 6 months my colleagues Andrew, Brandon, Kent and I have been busy documenting the Call Quality Methodology or CQM as we call it.

CQM is a holistic way to systematically define and assert call quality. CQM divides a Lync implementation into ten discrete areas that impact quality, defining targets and a remediation plan for each one. CQM is a framework to tackle call quality problems – you can modify or extend it to address the particular conditions on your network. It is based on Key Health Indicators (KHI) for server health and on QoE data reported by Lync clients and servers.

We have published it as version 2 of the Networking Guide. The download is a ZIP file containing the updated Networking Guide, the Lync 2010 KHI and the SQL queries for Lync 2010 and Lync 2013 QoE schemas. We are working on Lync 2013 KHI's and will make them available at a later time. Enjoy!