Microsoft Call Quality Methodology Scorecard for Skype for Business Server V1.5

Last week we released the new version of Call Quality Methodology (CQM). It is available here. Please give it a try!

We have updated both the Call Quality Methodology and the Scorecard. The updated methodology and the documentation for the Scorecard have been combined into a single Word document (Microsoft Call Quality Methodology.docx in the Documentation folder) and the complete package of PS scripts, SQL queries, Microsoft Excel Macro-Enabled Workbook and Documentation is shipping as single ZIP file.

The methodology has been updated:

  • New poor stream condition
  • New suggested targets

In the CQM Scorecard we have fixed a few bugs and added a number of new features including:

  • Added support for Skype for Business Server 2015
    • We support the Skype for Business Server LcsCDR and QoEMetrics schemas
  • Added dial-tone and completed session Reliability charts and Scorecard elements
    • This enables customers not only to look at audio quality, but also to see how reliable their Lync/Skype for Business deployment is
    • The data is coming from call detail records in LcsCDR
  • Changed the default poor stream condition to be ClassifiedPoorCall
    • This is the same definition used by Lync 2013/Skype for Business 2015 and Call Quality Dashboard
    • Using the same default definition allows for better comparison between the different tools and limits potential confusion over different results
    • We continue to offer the option to use the CQM V1.4 poor stream definition and to use a complete custom definition
  • Displaying the Rate My Call chart for a given scenario next to the poor stream ratio chart
    • This allows the administrator to correlate the poor stream ratio numbers to the subjective user feedback
    • It enables the administrator to take the user feedback into consideration, when deciding on which areas to focus on for troubleshooting
  • Decreased the Scorecard suggested targets to reflect what Microsoft has been able to achieve via the MSIT Get 2 Green project
  • Added the possibility to filter out streams generated by Synthetic Transaction
  • Added a number of Reliability and Audio diagnostics SQL queries for common scenarios & questions
    • This provide the administrator an additional level of detail for a given scenario
    • We have added a diagnostic query to surface the new detailed Wifi information being sent by Skype for Business 2015 clients

Samples of the new Rate My Call charts and Reliability info in the Scorecard are shown below. 

Please download the ZIP file above and open the Microsoft Call Quality Methodology Word document. It has more details about the changes and new features and detailed information about how to use the PS scripts and the CQM Scorecard itself.