Queries from our TechEd 2013 session

Sasa and I presented this session at TechEd 2013 in Madrid. In the deck we show the results of running 3 custom SQL queries against the QoE data. The query from slide 44 (Individual Poor Streams Wired to MS and AVMCU per Subnet v13.txt) and the query from slide 49 (Individual Poor Streams Wireless to MS and AVMCU per Subnet v13.txt) are attached to this post in the queries.zip file. The trending query from slide 48 is discussed in this post.

The queries are sample queries, comes "as-is" and I'm not providing any support for them.

Each query is its own text file. You run one of the queries by copying all the text from the query text file into a New Query window inside SQL Management Studio connected to your QoE database. You then change the @beginTime and @endTime to suit your requirements and execute the query.

Please consider the impact running these queries might have in your environment depending on your amount of QoE data and the date range you select.

The queries are developed based on the Lync 2013 QoE Schema.

(Queries updated Sep 11, 2013 to be in line with http://blogs.technet.com/b/jenstr/archive/2013/09/11/how-to-determine-network-connection-type-in-qoe-queries.aspx)