Exchange Online Fiddler Extension 1.0.50

Following on from my earlier post we have now made significant improvements to the extension and have just made version 1.0.50 available.

Improvements in this new version include:

  • Performance troubleshooting enhancements to the inspector tab. -- See how long the Exchange Online server took to respond to requests.
  • Updates to the rule set, new scenarios for highlighting / providing information on scenarios we have seen in support cases.
  • Expanded out the menu to include more options, making it easier to use.
  • Added X-HostIP column. Easier to see local vs. internet IP responding server / device.
  • Title of the 'Exchange Online' menu will now show if an update is available.
  • Minimal telemetry data collected for usage statistics.

The update is available now at:

For any questions see:

For any issues see:

Happy troubleshooting!