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Hello and welcome!


My name is Jerry Dixon and I am a software developer living in Memphis Tennessee.  (Well, I actually live in Olive Branch, Mississippi, which is about half a mile south of the state line.)  I've been around a while, developing applications for various companies since 1989.  I now work for Microsoft as an Application Development Consultant (ADC).  The word "consultant" in my title is a bit misleading.  I am not a consultant that you might hire to work on a particular project.  Instead, I am a developer-support resource assigned to a handful of clients.  I work directly with each client, helping them with any developer-related issue that they may have.  My role allows me to get to know my clients personally and to be an advocate for them and their companies.


Because of my move to Microsoft, I've decided to start fresh with a new blog.  If you are interested, you can check out my previous blogs:

I've also written a couple of articles, mostly on SQL Server 2005.  You can find them here:


Going forward, I'll focus on issues that I come across in my work as an ADC.  However, technology is my passion, and I tend to collect information from many sources.  My blog often serves as my memory.  If I come across something that took a while to find, I'll post it here.  I figure that if it I needed/wanted to know about it, then someone else might too. I hope my blog can help you out. 


Please remember that, although my blog is hosted by Microsoft, all information posted here reflects my opinions and not those of Microsoft or any other party.