One way to use the MSDN glossaries

I couldn't* sleep Saturday night, so I wrote some code. I mean, what else can you do?

I said to myself, "It's great that we offer glossaries from the various products we localize, but it'd be better if there was an easy way to actually use them too." So, I wrote a simple tool that can search through the glossaries. I know that there are plenty of tools like this already, you probably have one already. But if not, feel free to try out what I churned out.

Note that this tool is not endorsed by Microsoft, and is not supported by anyone at all (although I will listen to suggestions and complaints). It's provided as-is, no warranty expressed or implied. To make it clear that this is just something I wrote for fun in my spare time, it's not even hosted on any Microsoft owned site. Instead, installation information is at

I'm hoping that this will be useful for anyone who uses text glossaries for reference - whether you're a free-lance translator of computer books and want to keep UI references correct without having to click through the product, or if you're a localizer like me who's trying to keep terminology consistent.

Have fun!


*I had to watch Formula 1, and that starts at 4:30 in the morning -- if I go to sleep before that, no way I'll get up in time