The Bubbles Chronicles

This article will chronicle my week without soft drinks & coffee. I'll update this all week, newer entries towards the top. I'm publishing this as an article. This way the surprisingly high (> 0) number of people who seemed interested in my initial post can follow this epic tale of One Man's Struggle against the Soda Temptation, but I don't need to pollute the front page of with this off-topic stuff. Here goes.

Tuesday 2005-03-13, 20:33

Done! That was a breeze... I made it through the whole week with no coffee, no tea and no fizzy drinks. Amazing. It wasn't that hard, although the head aches and my reduced typing skills did bother me somewhat.

By now, it doesn't bother me much anymore that I'm not getting much sugar. I'm actually amazed that it only took about a week before the withdrawal problems pretty much went away. This is encouraging enough that I'll try to stay off the sugar for a while longer. No coke until the weekend, at least.

I must confess though that I had a triple grande latte after lunch today. Man, that sure hit me! My eyes were like beach balls and I was bouncing around the office. Funny feeling, but I can do without coffee too.

Hey, maybe the others in my building can do without caffeine as well..? Maybe if I switch the decaf and the caf..? Nah, better not... I'd probably be fired. Or lynched...

Monday 2005-03-12, 20:53

Sorry for not updating this for a couple of days. I haven't had much to say, really. I still haven't had any coffee, tea or fizzy drink. I have however had a bit of candy, pigged out at Kidd Valley and had a big milkshake for lunch. That's liquid sugar, that is.

I'm gonna try and stay on the right track the rest of the week though. No coffee, no tea, no fizzy drink. And especially no coke.

Btw, I had a doctor's appointment today, got back some test results. I have been a little bit worried about diabetes what with all the junk food I've been eating since I moved here, but thankfully that's not an issue. But I guess I better try and stay away from sugar anyway...

Well, maybe I'll have just one cup of coffee tomorrow. A triple grande latte. Mmm...

Saturday 2005-03-12, 11:45

Friday, I woke up without a headache. Still a little light headed, but no headache. Probably because I had had a couple of beers the night before - there was enough sugar to put me back in a "normal" state, sugar wise. That didn't last long though, the head ache started to come back in the afternoon.

I had some chips & sweets last evening, so right now I feel pretty ok. But I think I've just postponed the withdrawal, I'll have to go through a couple of days of headache again if I'm going to really cut out sugar.

Thursday 2005-03-10, 21:25

Evening time. The headache has been constant through out the day. It's been annoying, but not more than I can handle. TGIF tomorrow...

Thursday 2005-03-10, 10:18

It's now the third day of no coffee and very little sugar. The headache is better today, but it's still there. My head is a bit clearer than yesterday, but on the flip side my fingers don't work and my balance is off. I mis type a lot today. I bump into things. Interesting. Maybe once the head ache goes away, I'm through the worst of the withdrawal.

Wednesday 2005-03-09, 18:59

In the afternoon, headache started to set in. By now it's pretty bad. I was about to take a headache pill, but they all seem to contain caffeine. I'll try and have an early night instead.

Wednesday 2005-03-09, 13:15

Back from lunch a few minutes ago. I feel about the same as this morning - tired and light headed. I noticed that I'm forgetful too. I was supposed to do something before lunch, but it slipped my mind. I called my wife to tell her something, then forgot to tell her. Odd.

Oh well, back to doing what I was gonna do before I forget what again.

Wednesday 2005-03-09, 09:02

I couldn't get up this morning. Can't remember being so tired after a full night's sleep. I even slept an extra hour. I had a night mare though; I was at Startbucks, ordered a triple grande latte and as they gave it to me, they dropped it.

I feel light headed today, more so than yesterday. Good thing I don't have any meetings today, I can just close the office door and focus on work.

Tuesday 2005-03-08, 16:46

I'm about fixing to leave now. I'm still light headed, but at least I don't have a head ache. I was a bit worried about that.

I usually brush my teeth before I leave for the day, but today my mouth felt distinctly cleaner than normally in the afternoon. So there's already a plus with not drinking coke.

...mmmm... Coke...

Tuesday 2005-03-08, 12:55

Just back from lunch. The weather is amazing - about 20C and sunny. First time I eat lunch outside this year.

Before lunch, I felt sluggish, light headed and was yawning a bit. Low blood sugar, I figured, but after eating now I don't feel much better.

Tuesday 2005-03-08, 09:51

Just to give some back ground, here's my beverage consumption thorugh a normal day:

  • Breakfast: One or two mugs of tea, a pint of milk or grapefruit juice.
  • Before lunch: Another two-three mugs of tea, maybe a few mini-cans of grapefruit juice.
  • Lunch: A pint of milk
  • After lunch: Maybe a triple grande latte. After that, two or three cans of Coke. Mmm, sweet... Man, it feels good when almost frosty Coke hits the back of your mouth.
  • Dinner: A can of Coke
  • After dinner: Another can of Coke or two. Especially if it's hot outside.

I actually sleep pretty well though, and I wake up well rested. I've got the best bed in the world.

Today I've just had two cups of tea, and I decided to give that up for the rest of the week too. I'm getting a little dozy already. But maybe that's how I normally feel.

Btw. we do get free cans of sodas here at Microsoft. There are industrial-size fridges strategically placed through out all buildings, with a wide assortment of Coke and Pepsi products, as well as milk, juices and fizzy waters. Not that it matters, Coke is dirt cheap, I'd be drinking it even if I did have to pay for it.

Tuesday 2005-03-08, 07:47:

Dunno where I got this idea from: