An early implementation of WS-ReliableMessaging (with code)

The Microsoft Enterprise Solutions Framework (ESF) debuted at ALT-I-Lab 2004.  The ESF is an integration framework for Public Sector that consists of the following components:

· Synchronization Services

· Message-based synchronization (Universal Messaging Service)

o Enables XML-based data sharing between disparate applications

· File-based synchronization (Source Data Manager)

o Enables and controls only authorized flat file data sharing between disparate applications

· Access Control Provisioning through Microsoft Identity Integration Server (MIIS)

o Enables auto provisioning of logins

o Enables auto provision of users to it respective Organizational Units

o MIIS enables heterogeneous directory services existence

· Portal Provisioning through SharePoint Portal Server

o Enables auto portal creation for groups and organizational units in SharePoint Portal Server

o Auto-assignment of users to portal groups

· Data Services Framework

· Data Warehouse Services Framework

There are three really cool things to note about the ESF:

  1. It provides a robust integration framework and well-documented API
  2. It contains an early implementation of WS-ReliableMessaging
  3. Its free and includes all of the source code

Here is an overview presentation of ESF to whet your appetite. 

To get your copy, send an email requesting more information to