Architect Journal gets a facelift

Have you seen the new Arc Journal website?  Simon's taken the old website, revamped it and integrated it with the MSDN Architecture Center. The result is easier searching, cleaner navigation, and greater cross linking with other architecture articles and downloads – while still maintaining the  unique and popular brand of the magazine. 

On the new site you’ll find:

  • All 10 issues of the Journal – available both as MSDN library articles, and as downloadable PDF files for readers that enjoy reading the magazine offline
  • 28 PDF issues of the Journal available in other languages, including Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, French, and Japanese
  • A complete index of all articles to aid in searching for a particular one
    Bulk and print subscriptions for previous copies
  • RSS feed for potential authors who want to write for the magazine

You can access the site through or the existing address,