First post!

Welcome to my Microsoft blog.  My name is John Evdemon - I am a member of the Industry Solutions Architecture (ISA) Team which is a part of the Developer Platform and Evangelism group (DP&E for short).  Prior to joining Microsoft I was a CTO for a successful start-up that focused on XML back in 1999 (seems like ancient history now).  I've been working with XML in one form or another since 1997.  I've also worked as a management consultant and developer.  I've done quite a bit of standards work as well, but I won't bore you with that here.

The mission of the ISA team is to empower customer and partner architects in high-priority industry sectors through thought leadership and architectural guidance, enabling them to cope with their business and technical challenges and leverage Microsoft technology innovation.

I'm currently working on the following:


  • Integration and Interoperability using Web services
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Next Generation Web Services

I'll be posting work and ideas into the relevant categories and hope to get some feedback/validation from you.


I've also established a category devoted to BPEL4WS.  BPEL4WS is a rather horrid acronym for “Business Process Execution Language for Web Services“ (BPEL for short).  BPEL is a standards effort that I co-chair at OASIS.  I'll be posting some thoughts, examples, code snippets and other information related to the BPEL standardization effort.  You can learn more about BPEL on MSDN.


The Off-Topic category will be used for stuff unrelated to the architectural themes or BPEL (e.g. fun with WSE 2.0, XML-related discussions, etc).  I've also got a personal blog so I'll plan to keep most (if not all) content on this blog focused on architectural themes, BPEL and XML/Web Services. 


Stay tuned - more to come soon.




PS: What's up with the title of the blog?  Justifications:

  1. I am a fan of old films (especially Hitchcock)
  2. Similarities between the film “Vertigo“ and my blog:
    • Vertigo is about a detective's work, psychological troubles and obsession over a woman.   
    • My blog is about my work, psychological troubles (although I promise to keep this to a minimum) and obsession over XML. 
  3. I wanted a cool sounding name for the blog (“Web Services for Vertical Industries“ didn't cut it.)  Got a better name?  Suggest one.